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dear sirs,

              our indent no.538:black serge

we should like to draw your attention to the defective goods shipped by the m/s“sunlight”on 23rd july.

upon unpacking the cases,we found that the quality was much inferior to the sample on which we approved the order.moreover the length of each piece is short by approximately 5 meters.

after examining the enclosed cutting samples we sent as evidence from the lloyd’s survey report,we are sure you will agree to the inferiority of the goods.

we are now in a very awkward situation,because our customers,who have been very strict about the quality,are very impatient to take delivery of the goods.

we hope that you will immediately take this matter into your careful consideration and favor us with a prompt solution by return call.

yours faithfully,
business manager


dear mr.green:

the cargo of two hundred units of your portable computers has arrived in new york.unfortunately,however,our inspection showed that eleven units were missing their connection cords.attached is the report made by the surveyor who inspected the cargo.as you can see from the report,the eleven cords were already missing at the time the units were packed at your factory.

please send us the cords free of charge and as soon as possible,and no later than march 20.we await your favorable reply.



dear mr.green,

the goods we received on july 15 were found not to match our order.the goods we ordered were item no.2345,whereas the goods received were item no.2354.

we cannot understand how this kind of mistake could occur at your end.we have decided to ship the goods back to your company by freight at your expense and we ask that you refund the us $15 000 which we have already paid you.please remit this amount to our account(a/c no.1012379)with the midori bank,ltd.,minato branch,tokyo.please note that we hereby also reserve the right to claim any damages arising out of your wrong shipment.

a quick refund will be highly appreciated.



dear sirs,

we regret having to inform you that the cotton goods covered by our order no.6031 and shipped per s.s.“peace”arrived in such an unsatisfactory condition that we cannot but lodge a complaint against you.it was found,upon examination,that nearly 20% of the packages had been broken,obviously attributed to improper packing.our only recourse,in consequence,was to have them repacked before delivering to our customers,which inevitably resulted in extra expenses amounting to £650.we expect compensation from you for this,and should like to take this opportunity to suggest that special care be taken in your future deliveries as prospective customers are apt to misjudge the quality of your goods by the faulty packing.

yours faithfully,


dear sirs,

we have for acknowledgement your letter dated march 11 and are sorry to note your complaint respecting the cotton goods we sent you by s.s.“peace”.we can assure you,however,that the goods in question were in perfect order when they left here,hence the damage complained of must have occurred in transit.in these circumstances,we are apparently not liable for the damage and would advise you to claim on the shipping company who should be held responsible.

at any rate,we deeply regret to learn from you about this unfortunate incident and should it be necessary we shall be pleased to take the matter up on your behalf with the shipping company concerned.

yours faithfully,


dear sirs,

subject:wheat midges
we regret to advise that the first lot of the wheat dispatched on july 14th,2006,against our purchase contract no.156 has been examined and found to contain wheat midges.the commodity inspection bureau has carefully examined the quality of the wheat and found it is far below the standard stipulated in the contract.the inspection certificate will be airmailed to you as soon as it comes to hand.

please look into the matter at once and take urgent measures to ensure that nothing like this will happen in the second and the third lots.

the storage of this lot causes us considerable difficulty and hamper us in our efforts to dispose of it.we consider ourselves entitled to an allowance for the loss we have to suffer.hence,we reserve our right to lodge a claim against you.

yours faithfully,


dear sir,

on 5th october i bought one of your expensive“apollo”fountain pens from julian’s,a big department store of this town.unfortunately i have been unable to use the pen because it leaks and fails to write without making blots.i am very disappointed with my purchase.    on the advice of julian’s manager i am returning the pen to you and enclose it with this letter for correction of the fault.

please arrange for the pen to be fixed or replace it with a new one and send it to me as soon as possible.



dear mary,

thank you for your letter of 9th october enclosing the defective“apollo”fountain pen,received today.we very much regret that the pen you bought has given your trouble.

normally each of our pens is individually examined before being passed into store and it is hard to understand why this one escaped examination.we have passed your pen to our quality control department for inspection and a report.meanwhile,we are arranging to replace your pen with a new one.

we extend our apologies for the inconvenience this matter has caused you,but are confident that the replacement pen you will be receiving will prove satisfactory and give you the service you are entitled to expect from our products.



dear harlan,

twelve wrist watches with a tennis motif were sent today by priority mail to replace the watches you received with a golf motif.

you know,harlan,one would think it would be impossible to make an error like this one.you clearly specified in your order that these watches were to be awarded to winners of the annual lakeside tennis tournament on august 18.the stock number you supplied was correct.there was no reason for a ship-up at this end,and i can’t even guess how it happened.

i am much relieved,however,that you will have the right watches in time for the awards dinner.i really don’t know what a tennis player’s reaction would be to having a classic golf swing in bas-relief on his prize!

when you get around to it,would you please send the golf watches to mei’ll pay the postage.

yours very sincerely,


dear mrs.green:

six 48-inch victory fans are on their way to you.i know because i saw them loaded on the truck.

by this time you must think we take special delight in mixing up your orders—two careless errors in a row.i suppose,judging from these mistakes,if we had had a fourth sweep dimension we would have sent that before getting your order right!

it’s embarrassing to inconvenience any customer,but unforgivable when that customer is so highly valued as you.red-faced and contrite,i ask your forgiveness and offer you my personal assurance of better service in the future.

thank you for your patience,and best personal regards.





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